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Ergoline Sunbed Cowbridge

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The Ergoline Prestige 990-S Sunbed comes to Cowbridge

  • Dynamic Power System
  • 52 Eu-regulated Lamps (<0.3W/M2)
  • 4 High Performance Facial Lamps
  • Controlled Air Conditioning with Climatronic Plus
  • Shoulder Tanning
  • Aqua Fresh and Aroma Systems
  • Extra Large Bed with Armrest & Adjustable Foot Rests
  • 3D Sound System with MP3 Dock, Voice Guide & Auto Volume Control
  • Cockpit Control with Large Illuminated Symbols

New for 2013 using the latest technology for safer tanning with EU-0.3W/M Compliance, we are installing the latest sunbed into our Cowbridge salon.

This is exactly what we mean by luxury tanning. Promising you a tanning experience like never before, the Ergoline Prestige 990-S sunbed comes with 52 UV lamps, four facial tanners with high performance and additional UV-B lamps. While the UV lamps make for a sumptuous tan, the facial tanning system with four high-pressure lamps, three low-pressure UV-B lamps and two high-performance shoulder tanners make sure you get the rich tanning results.

The Climatronic Plus adjusts the temperature to suit the liking of individuals and keep it constant throughout the tanning process. At the same time, Aqua Mist and Aroma take the relaxing experience to another level. The built-in 3D sound system with an MP3 dock and SD card slot adds to the enjoyment.

Newly installed - from 50p/minute with deals & special offers to follow. View Prices...

The sunbed is not available for use by under 18's and photographic ID will be required to use the sunbed by anyone who appears to be 25 or under.

The Ergoline 990-s sunbed uses dynamic lamps which comply with the latest EU regulations with irradiance levels under 0.3W/M2.


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