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We are very pleased to introduce a new product line and treatment to our salon. The Kebelo Advantage treatment has exceeded our expectations and enabled us to offer a more flexible treatment than ever before.

Until now it has been the norm for straightening treatment to take up to 3 hours with clients leaving with a list of dos and don'ts with the product remaining in their hair. After could be those advantage treatment our clients can leave a completely finished tresses, confident that they can wash and style and colour on the same day if they so wished

The treatment is completely safe and works within the hair shaft rather than coating it on the outside like make up.

In a nut shell the Kelebo Advantage System:

Why smooth rather than straighten?

Over the past few years we have been very pleased with the results we have achieved with our hair Keratin and Brazilian straightening treatments including Enzo and GK. We continue to use these straightening treatments, specifically when clients require poker-straight hair.

Apart from having to avoid swimming pools and salt water, the downside of the straightening treatments has been that the hair is poker-straight all the time, great if that's what you want!

The new Kebelo treatment is different, it "smooths" the hair by treating it rather than coating it, the result being hair that can be poker-straight (without irons), curled or wavy, sleek hair up, whichever style you decide.

Why should I have a Kebelo system treatment?

Have you ever lusted after frizz free hair that had incredible shine and natural movement? Then, have hair envy no more. With Kebelo, smooth, healthy hair can be yours in an instant. What's more, it will stay that way, even if you get caught in the rain or a tropical heatwave. It's the one-stop way to allowing you to shine.

Is this treatment suitable for clients of any age?

No matter what age you are our stylists have the tools to create the system perfectly suited to your hair type. The Kebelo system has been designed to allow you to keep the personality of your hair, it just makes it much more manageable and versatile. We call it red carpet hair.... because it will make your hair look great whether you are 17 or 70 years old.

Will the treatment make my hair flat?

Not at all, Kebelo gives volume and flow to hair. For your hair to look its best, there's nothing better than looking natural, and movement is the key to that.

Can I keep my curl?

Yes of course. Kebelo will actually define the curl and control the frizz.



Formulated with the latest Carbocysteine and Dispersion Technology, infused with botanical proteins and amino acids, ADVANTAGE is the most advanced formula available. The carbocysteine strengthens, repairs and revitalises each strand from deep within. Whilst the botanical proteins seal and replenish each cuticle. Completed from 1 hour, hair is left smooth, shiny, frizz-free and easy to manage for 100 days.

While other treatments can take up to three days to take full effect, Kebelo System® is completed in one single salon session, from just 1 hour. Leaving you to stand out the moment you step out of the salon.


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